Little Miss Jessica is a fabulous resource for all children to read and learn about diversity, disability and acceptance. The main character is based on the author, Paralympian Jessica Smith. 
The books follows the adventures of Jessica on her very first day at school.
Together, she and her new friends discover that their differences are what unite them,
and they realise that being different is OK!


In a wonderfully body-positive step forward, a new children’s book about a girl with one hand is hitting the shelves

BUSTLE (media)

A beautiful story that encourages children to embrace themselves and each other.
It is a wonderful story about a young girl with one arm on her first day at school. Being different is an issue that all children face at some point, and that is why this book is perfect for every child at school or about to start school

Laura (parent)

A very well written book full of sincerity and one that covers the issue of disability with care and compassion. A must read for any child and parent for that matter that is experiencing the difficulty of being labelled as 'different'.